How much commission do you charge for buyers?

We charge 2% or 750 lev (385 Euro) whichever is greater.

How much do you charge for sellers?

Zero we don’t charge sellers ever.

Is there a charge per kilometre when visiting a property?

No we do not charge to visit any property?

How long have you been selling Bulgarian real estate?

We have been working in Bulgarian real estate for 15 years.

Do you sell to Bulgarians or just other Europeans?

The business used to sell to other Europeans, we have been working hard to act on behalf of Bulgarians. Opening a large office in the town of Popovo with English, Bulgarian speaking staff.

Is it hard to buy a Bulgarian Property if I don’t speak Bulgarian?

Not at all, we deal directly with the Notary who prepares all documentation required. Providing translators, conducting price negotiations as and when required. Our job is to make thing as easy as it can be for any new or old client.

Do you prepare reports on properties if I want to buy from abroad?

Yes for a small charge we can compile a full report using pictures and video.

Can you purchase a property for me without it going in my name.

Yes we offer via Power of Attorney or hold company options.

If I bought a property in Bulgaria, do I pay my bills water and electricity?

We offer a personal management/ consultation service which covers ever need, even down to ordering your food at a restaurant.

Buying a Bulgarian Property, can I do the building work yourself?

Most Bulgarian properties are perfect of a DIY enthusiast with medium skill level.

What other services do you offer from your office?

We offer every thinkable property related service you can imagine official translations, photocopying services even a well established building company. So much more just ask!

How can I sell my property through you?

If you are local Please just pop into the office. If you are from abroad or another part of the country, then please just contact us.

Can other agents list on your site?

Yes that’s not a problem at all, contact us.