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Bulgarian Properties For Sale?

As you navigate your way round this new improved site Bulgarian Properties For Sale searching for the ideal property.

You may find there are no offers that actually suit your needs. You should feel free to contact us via any contact form or whatsapp messaging that accompanies the listings. We will contact you over the telephone or via email, we can discuss your needs and requirements. This will help us in giving you right advice tailored to your personal individual enquiry, as every person has their own set of circumstances and needs.

At Bulgarian Properties For Sale our aim is to keep in contact with all clients after the sale of any property great or small, developing a long term working relationship and even becoming friends. As it can be hard settling in foreign country with a new language and what can seem to be a strange set of rules. We can help you every step of the way.

Over the years Bulgarian Properties For Sale have dealt with those that have flipped properties, meaning they buy cheap and sell for more. We are able to offer these services and it’s a great way to increase an initial investment. For example a client only has a small amount of available cash to invest and the banks are no longer a viable option.

It is wise to let us find you a cheap property with promising prospects to purchase. The buyer then adds a small percentage and offers it up for resale. The law in this respect asks you to pay 10% income tax on any profit if it’s sold within three years. If it or they are sold after three years no matter how much money you may make there is no profit to pay. This applies in Bulgaria to individuals and companies alike. there is no distinction between the two.

This in all has become a great way to create a large enough investment to buy a large house in good condition or just pay for the repairs required. Below are two such examples.


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