Normal People In Bulgaria, Bulgaria As An Expat.
This is a short insight into some of those new expats, that could not make it in the United Kingdom living in Bulgaria and why they came.

expats and life in Bulgaria
expats and life in Bulgaria

Not everyone can be successful in the United Kingdom no matter how much they try. In England every person seems to have their place. Some move up the scale of life and become very successful and create a new social standing for themselves. Not the case in most people’s lives, they just keep running on that treadmill of life, no matter how hard they run, no matter how great their sacrifices. It makes no odds the journey only ends up where it began.

Does it matter being very intelligent and more than capable to learn new skills? No, it does not as in most walks of life, opportunities are only afforded to others by those that have. The have not’s have no other option but to wait inline.

So, having a low skilled job, not because that’s all you can do but rather that’s what your life situation has allowed. Working every hour of every day that you can, gets what? Maybe you can pay the bills for that month and probably the rent. Still having nothing other than the worries of the next pay cheque. This is if you are very lucky, nothing goes wrong, there is no illness.

If there are children involved it is most likely that with all efforts made, only result in almost holding their heads above water. Getting in debt is not fun for anyone, hiding when there is a knock on the front door. No one wants to get into debt, sometimes people need to eat or buy an item of clothing. Debt is not a choice, just a fact of life and it seems no matter what option you choose, which door you walk through in the journey of life, it cannot be escaped.

Those that have, believe those that don’t, are not trying, furthermore they strongly believe have never made a sacrifice to better themselves, believing in some way they are inferior. In most cases a poor person will come from a family in a similar situation. Although their families are further along the journey of life and have chosen to stay within the confines of their social standing. Meaning the struggle has become an accepted norm.

Inside every human there are primeval instincts to survive, developing a safe comfortable sheltered living situation protecting loved ones. Most of us will always protect the weak as a matter of course because that’s who we are. This seems to be lost across European countries. People walking past the homeless on the street.

Elderly members of the family are shipped off to an old people’s home. Even the vulnerable become nervous doing simple tasks like using an ATM machine. Living life under the constant pressure that someone will take what little you have. Becoming weak in older years is not a measure of a man or woman’s life. The respect has gone, what was once given is no longer even thought of.

Walking away when they see someone in trouble, trying to avoid being involved or endangering themselves. The facts are because of this indifference, our streets may no longer feel safe, the sense of community and belonging has been eroded. The fabric of society itself is one of isolation, a common reason why the less well off are left to fester continuing in a downward spiral. Yet it seems obvious a climate of inclusiveness is better for all, even the wealthy.

In Bulgaria it’s not uncommon to be invited to dinner, welcomed into a native’s home. Only to find a normal family, not a lot of free cash. The biggest difference is that you will most likely find three or four generations sitting at the same table. Enjoying a relaxed meal that will last the minimum of an hour. As they take time to interact and talk about their day, as if they had not seen each other for a few days. It’s a fact in the United Kingdom this has become a lost concept, only finding four generations in the same room at a funeral or a wedding.

Social Standing is being understood to mean what material objects people own, how new their car is, many other ways of showing others how far they have come. North-eastern Bulgaria has not been affected in this way. Real Values whilst looking after themselves, not disregarding others, without standing on others to climb higher on that ladder of life.

A life in Bulgaria is so very different in many ways, to start it costs virtually nothing to live from day to day. Being able to grow most of your own food if so inclined. Bulgarians do not look at an expat as an immigrant that they need to be suspicious of, making them welcome with open and trusting arms. Asking only that expats show a little respect to where they live and the area around them. No more than the Bulgarians do in their own country.

Most village houses use wood as their heat source, no big gas bills. At a push it’s possible to heat your home for free. This is just as well becoming very cold in the winter -25* to -30*. Even that being said you don’t hear of old people dying alone in their homes, not being able to pay for the heating and trying to avoid dept. It’s not uncommon for Bulgarians to grow their own meat like pigs, goat. Likewise, a lot of those village dwellers have chickens, fresh eggs for breakfast (as normal).

A Bulgarian Village is what you expect, a real community looking out for each other. Helping others when enabled to do so. Property taxes are so very low, about the same price as a portion of fish and chips once a year. Crime is almost ZERO, as you can imagine, any crime is a massive event in this environment. The village acts as one the police work quickly and in a friendly manor as they are always supported by the locals. Like the old days in the UK with the bobby on the beat.

It’s not uncommon to sit in a coffee bar or restaurant, enjoying your meal in the company of a Notary or a Judge. Where the police are still like common people instead of needing to act as an elite force, which sticks to their own, for their own safety.

Bulgaria is an ideal place to launch a new clean, fresh new life, without the need to protect yourself and feel under pressure. The weight of bills in Bulgaria are very small indeed. Anyone with a general sense of DIY will be able to renovate their own property. There is always work in Bulgaria, someone always needs help or a service. Although the pay will not be great by UK standards, the cost of living is so much lower. Survival is a given when surrounded with good genuine natives.

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