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Why Bulgaria and is such a great investment, that’s the question to try and answer.

Why Bulgaria and is such a great investment, that’s the question to try and answer.

Why Bulgaria and is such a great investment that’s the question to try and answer.

Bulgarian Properties For Sale is not just a term.

The Bulgarian government recognises that the tourist is an important component of its growing economy.

Offering a variety of incentives in order to attract people to invest in Bulgarian properties for sale. Bulgaria is not just an investment but much more. Easily becoming a way of life, to be enjoyed at your own pace. Which is usually reflected on age and or financial circumstances. Bulgaria has it all, being a great place to come and play. The enjoyment of the young dynamic areas known for holiday tourism.

Those that come from a city abroad the world over know and understand. What it is to be part of the rat race living to work. Bulgaria, Turgovishte has become a hotspot for those that wish to become expats in Bulgaria. Starting a new life always seems a step too far, although many have done it from every walk of life. Northeastern Bulgaria areas like Turgovishte. Turgovishte is the area Nyama Problemi Ltd is based and offers most of its properties from there. Turgovishte, Popovo area is almost a crime free area. Safe being the keyword with beautiful countryside, rolling hills and forests together with many lakes and enjoyable walks.

Investments in Bulgarian Properties For Sale can take many forms.

Letting just for the (holiday season)

Purchasing for long term local letting

Buying in order to flip

Buy as a long-term investment

Buy to live

Land is a fantastic long-term investment

It’s a fantastic way to set the retirement dream into action. Many retirees often come to visit our office in order to create, and hatch a 3-5-year plan. Doing so guarantees a successful transition into Bulgarian life upon Retirement. After, any pension or savings go much further in this beautiful country Bulgaria. What do these plans include with the services we provide?

Locating the right Bulgarian Property For Sale, undertaking the agreement of a purchase plan and securing the property. Carry out and agreed works as required. Payment for this can be split over the years discussed in the individual plan.

On completion of the property, the client may wish to visit the new accommodations on holidays. Endeavouring to adjust to the Bulgarian way of life. Maybe deciding instead to rent the property out to Holiday makers, especially if it’s a long-term retirement plan.

Bulgarian properties for sale suited

to those just starting out in life. Maybe having a rough ride, sold a property or just cannot get on the property ladder at home. Offering great value for money even being able to purchase a property from our office with a credit card. Although the property may need work. Being suited to those that have basic DIY skills. Which would be enough for the internal finishing whilst creating a home.

Schools welcome children of all ages, they are not seen as foreigners rather as assets or special. Schools are of a good standard and very safe. Having a family can only be classed as a positive situation. Natives are more than willing to show extra interest and are even more friendly and helpful.

Speaking for the area of Targovishte in the town Popovo with surrounding villages. Investments are easy to find and even easier to create. In the town Popovo there is an underlying deficit of Bulgarian Properties For Sale. As in there are not enough properties on the market to meet the buyer’s needs. Why? As in most places it is preferred to move from a village to a town (classed as progress). This in turn creates a market for expats that almost exclusively wish to purchase Bulgarian Properties for sale in villages.

Nyama Problemi Ltd

is the owner of being proud to have been involved with real estate in this area for 15 years. Offer a massive wealth of experience, give hands on and practical advice. Nyama Problemi ltd has a large established building company as well as every possible and eventual property related service. Our aim is to make life, purchasing a property and full construction projects as easy as humanly possible, stress free.

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