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What we Provide

Пълен набор от консултантски услуги, имотни проучвания,преводачески услуги, съдействие при нотариус, проверка на документи,съвети, правни консултации, строителни планове, строително монтажни дейности, ново строителство. Предлагаме пътно стройтелни машини, багер, бобкат.

How It Works

Below you can see some basic steps for buying and selling a Bulgarian Property. Contact us at any time for more information.

Buy or sell

Contact us either in person or via the site. Our office phone number is +359 (0)60841100. Our staff are friendly. After we have check any required Paperwork we will either go and take pictures of the property. In the case of a buyer we check all aspects of the property paperwork secure documents as required.

Ads and Buyers

Buyers: once paperwork has been checked and we have secured images of the property, the property is then listed for sale on our site. We work hard to promote all properties under contract and less so for those without a contract. We intern then take a buyer to the property by appointment only.

Deal Done

When buyer finds a property the purchase, this is a straight forward action. We accompany the buyer to the Notary after carrying out all possible checks. If the property is over 5000 Euro the funds must be paid via a bank account, direct to the client, this is done mid deal in conjunction with the Notary so your funds are always safe. This is done with one of our translators from the office.

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